1st IVAS Certified Veterinary Acupuncture Course in the United Kingdom

(20.04.2013) This course is designed for veterinarians interested in incorporating acupuncture into their daily practice. It is the first course of its kind in the UK, recognised by IVAS (International Veterinary Acupuncture Society), with comprehensive theoretical and practical classes, which prepares the students for the exam to obtain the official IVAS certification.

The course provides students with:

  • A thorough understanding of the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and its practical applications.
  • The location, function and use of the acupuncture points used in diagnosis and treatment.
  • An understanding of the neurophysiology and scientific basis of acupuncture.
  • The ability to identify the different clinical conditions such as  musculoskeletal-, gastrointestinal-, urinary-, respiratory-, cardiac-, reproductive- disorders  as well as behavioural problems.

Palpation techniques for detection and diagnosis , pulse diagnosis, tongue diagnosis and building treatment strategies.

After completing the course the participants will be able:

  • To identify and distinguish the different conditions.
  • To make a diagnosis based on TCM, build a treatment strategy and select the most appropriate needling technique.
  • To integrate acupuncture in your daily practice in a competent and safe manner.

The time is divided between theory and practice, using the Equine, small animals and to a lesser extent, bovine and avian as models.

Session I: September 13-15; 2013
Session II: October 25-27; 2013
Session III: May31, November 8-10; 2013
Session IV: December 6-8; 2013
Session V: February 1-2; 2014
Session VI: March 14-16; 2014
Session VII: April 11-13; 2014
Session VIII: May 9-11; 2014
Session IX: June 6-8; 2014
Session X: IVAS EXAM September 6-7; 2014

More informations: www.veterinaryacupuncturecourseuk.es

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